July 22, 2024

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Innovation in Every Curve

New products to transform your look

Prada introduces Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum, a new powerful, seductive, and captivating fragrance. This olfactory masterpiece emerges from the avant-garde and innovative materialism of the Luna Rossa series.Recommended price: NIS 469.

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L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL launches a 2024 summer hair care series for repairing and rebuilding damaged hair: Absolut Repair Molecular. This new series, featuring the patented ‘Bonder Peptides,’ allows efficient restoration with a formula capable of penetrating the hair structure and repairing it. The result: two years of damage repaired in just one use. The series includes four products: shampoo, rinse-out serum, leave-in mask, and pre-treatment serum exclusive to salons.Recommended price: NIS 159.90-184.90.

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Armani’s iconic Luminous Silk Glow Blush intensifies with a radiant and colorful glow. Its soft, silky texture formula provides the perfect dose of radiant color to the cheeks, combined with the natural glow of LUMINOUS SILK. Available in nine shades that enhance the skin, the LUMINOUS SILK GLOW BLUSH brings a new and vibrant dimension of glow to the LUMINOUS SILK series.Recommended price: NIS 219.

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April network exclusively launches the new men’s fragrance H24 Herbes Vives from Hermès. Created by Hermès’ legendary perfumer Christine Nagel, H24 Herbes Vives suits the modern man on the move. It is botanical, with a green, herbal hue featuring notes of fresh pear, parsley, mint, and herbs, combined with metallic hints reminiscent of hot iron.Recommended price: NIS 440-580.

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The premium hair care brand HASK from the USA, popular among Hollywood hairstylists, launches a new series for fuller, voluminous hair that strengthens the hair fiber: HASK Biotin Boost.Recommended price: NIS 34.90.

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SILKY FILTER CLEAR, a multifunctional protective product, includes an advanced technology primer, SPF50 sunscreen, and potent anti-aging ingredients. Its velvety texture is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy feel on the skin, smoothing and refining it, and giving a uniform, smooth appearance. By Hava Zingboim.Recommended price: NIS 295.

(credit: Moshe Ivan)

Olaplex, the premium hair care and styling brand imported and distributed in Israel by J Cosmetics, launches an eyebrow repair serum for a fuller, defined look. Olaplex promises visible results within just four weeks.Recommended price: NIS 359-399.

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The culinary brand Master Chef expands its crouton category and introduces, for the first time in Israel, mini croutons with a spicy seasoning. These are especially crispy, free from artificial colors and preservatives.Recommended price: NIS 18.90.

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To celebrate the end of the school year, Laline launches a new collection – Warm Vanilla for a refreshing sensory experience. The collection is a floral composition of sweet vanilla from distant tropical forests, harmoniously blending with romantic scents of freesia and magnolia flowers. The collection includes: bath and body foam, body cream, hand cream, body whipped cream, body soap, soufflé cream, a fragrant stone for the car, toiletry bags in various sizes and designs, straw bags, and more.Recommended price: NIS 24.90-599.40.

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The international makeup brand IL MAKIAGE launches: COLOR BOSS – an eyeshadow collection featuring rich, multidimensional pigments, a smooth texture, and long-lasting wear. The series includes 12 new shades of highly pigmented eyeshadows with an innovative hybrid texture combining all the advantages of powder, cream, and liquid in one product.Recommended price: NIS 139.

(credit: Or Tsarfati)