Samsung partners with Chameleon Tech subsidiary on demand flex

Chameleon Technology’s ivie partners with Samsung for demand flexibility

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Chameleon Technology’s consumer brand ivie has partnered with tech giant Samsung to encourage homes with smart meters in the UK to reduce their electricity usage at specific times when supply is most in demand.

The ivie and Samsung technologies will work in tandem to help household appliances automatically reduce electricity consumption, saving on energy usage.

The announcement follows last Winter’s UK-wide Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) run by ESO, the electricity system operator for Great Britain.

The DFS scheme saw households up and down the country be rewarded for delaying or adapting their electricity usage away from busy periods.

Following the launch of the ivie energy saving app – a free app with over 40,000 active users that is specifically designed to help users save energy and carbon in the home by integrating with domestic energy smart meters – ivie took part in a trial DFS scheme alongside other UK energy providers.

The ivie Flex and Save scheme was a success, encouraging users to ‘flex’, i.e. move their electricity use away from peak times of demand, and now returns, enhanced by the partnership with Samsung and its SmartThings appliance integration.

Owners of Samsung SmartThings appliances will be able to apply a ‘set and forget’ solution, allowing for the households to set up automatic settings to turn off electricity consumption where possible with minimal impact on consumer comfort throughout the events.

The partnership comes in as the role of flexibility in the UK gains prominence as a form of smart energy management.

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National Grid ESO’s DFS gives households a direct opportunity to participate in flexibility services, with 1.6 million homes and businesses successfully participating in the service last Winter.

The service aims to provide balance and stability to the energy network and enable households to be rewarded for shifting their energy away from peak demand times.

Mike Woodhall, co-founder and CEO of Chameleon Technology, commented in a statement: “Making a conscious decision to adapt energy use during peak times helps to ease the pressure on the UK’s power system.

“As homes and lives become increasingly powered by cleaner electricity, it is vital that we can be more flexible about when electricity is used. Creating good energy habits now will help create a greener energy system in the future, which is vital if we are going to achieve Net Zero targets.”

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