“Is Technology Going Too Far?”: Bodybuilding Legend Flex Wheeler Raise Alarms After AI Makes a Remarkable Breakthrough


“I don’t have a leg. It’s a strange sensation that often haunts me”, were the recent words of Flex Wheeler, admitting the upsetting truth about his amputated leg. Which in turn made his fanbase quite dejected. However, the bodybuilder does not restrict himself from thinking about the future and technology, which can make things easier for human life. Recently, he shared a video of the CEO of Humane, Imran Chaudhuri, sharing a life-altering product which made him question the power of AI.

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Unlike many, Flex Wheeler did not only look at the brighter side of how things can become easier with newer and improved technology. Instead, the bodybuilder also warned his fandom about the disadvantages coming with it.

Flex Wheeler breaks down both the sides of the AI coin


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In his latest post, Flex Wheeler shared a video that portrayed how a new AI device can replace phones and other forms of translations and even health check-up applications. Thus, he presented a rhetorical question, Is Technology going too far?“. This question was followed by an organized and well-curated list of AI’s pros and cons. He penned, AI technology has revolutionized the way we live, work, and interact with the world. Wheeler pointed out that it is efficient, innovative, and can be personalized. It can also have a health care advancement. Yet, the bodybuilder does not forget to add the demerits it possesses as well.

Flex Wheeler noted down how it can not only have the problems of job displacements and ethical concerns but also bias and fairness. Most importantly, privacy concerns. He stated,As we embrace the potential of AI, it’s crucial to consider these aspects and work towards responsible and ethical AI development.” Although looking up to the future, Wheeler is presently going through a lot of pain, both physically and mentally. He recently shared the sorrowful reality he wishes to have as a nightmare instead.

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Wheeler’s sad reality

It has already been 4 years since Flex Wheeler got his leg amputated, yet he still found it shocking when a pang of realization hit him. He visited church and while driving he realized he did not have one of his legs which highly affected the former bodybuilder. He stated,  As I drove to church this morning, a wave of realization washed over me – I don’t have a leg. It’s a strange sensation that often haunts me, especially at night. Waking up in a panic, trying to take that first step, only to find that my right leg is missing.”

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It will be unimaginably difficult to accept and cope with such a huge change as the introduction of AI in daily human life. Flex Wheeler pointed out why people need to look at both the advantages as well as the disadvantages before implementing it daily in their lives.

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