July 22, 2024

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Apple Plans To Bring Meta’s Generative AI Technology To iOS 18 To Further Enhance Apple Intelligence Features

Apple’s implementation of AI in iOS 18 is quite different from the rest as it runs multiple small and large language models for different tasks. The company has partnered with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to Siri, and the integration is seen to be a hit on both fronts – features and privacy. We have previously covered on various occasions how Apple is looking to collaborate with Google and Chinese companies like Baidu, and it appears that the company is not planning to stop any time soon. In a recent turn of events, Apple wants Meta to bring its generative AI technology to iOS 18 and the iPhone, despite having not-so-good relations in the past.

Apple plans to integrate Meta’s generative AI technology in iOS 18, but the exact nature of the deal remains undisclosed

Apple and Meta have always stood against each other on various fronts, with top executives openly sharing their concerns. These concerns were related to privacy features in recent iOS updates, App Store policies, and more, but with AI sitting at the center of novelties these days, it appears that both companies will come together for a potential alliance. Apple will possibly use Meta’s generative AI technology in the same way as it used OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple and Meta have discussed a partnership that would bring Meta’s AI capabilities not only to iOS 18 but be part of Apple Intelligence as well. This means that the company could be looking to offer the same leverages but could end up paying the social media giant, unlike OpenAI. There is no word on whether a deal has been struck between the two companies, but we will let you guys know as soon as there is an update on the story.

At this point, it is unclear what features Apple will consider for Meta’s generative AI, as ChatGPT has already taken its spot in Apple Intelligence. Possibly, if the company is seeking dedicated social media-related features, it could prove to be quite useful for some users and content creators in tracking their progress. However, the exact nature of the partnership is still unknown, and we are not familiar with the company’s plans for Meta’s generative AI technology in iOS 18.

Apple has made great use of ChatGPT after integrating it with Siri, as it would derive complex results from the cloud while being more secure. Siri will still be able to handle your on-device commands, but for tasks that require in-depth solutions, the virtual assistant will ask for your permission to send the request over to ChatGPT. After you comply with the prompt, the query will be sent, and the solutions will be provided. The entire operation is free and based on ChatGPT-4o. However, users do have the option to signing with their ChatGPT Plus account for additional features.

Apple’s plans to integrate multiple models from different companies could prove to be a great success for Apple Intelligence, as it is bringing dedicated features to the mix. We will share additional details on the subject as soon as they are available. Do you think Apple’s partnership with Meta to bring its generative AI features to iOS 18 will revolve around social networking? Let us know in the comments.

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